Why we choose hybrid inverter with MPPT

Now more and more solar companies focus on teh hybrid inverters with MPPT.

BONJOUR SOLAR share the advantages of the hybrid inverters with MPPT as following:

  • Not new technology now, already longtime market verification, stable.
  • With high voltage MPPT from 120-450V,that means you can connect 10 pcs of 400W 40V solar panels in series,
  • higher efficiency and save cables and low current of the panel series.
  • Hybrid inverters can connect in parallel to make multiple systems like bigger system/3 phases system with same power of each phase of different power of each phase
  • Smaller size, save shipping cost
  • Separated units, easy for check and maintenance
  • With 1 MPPT for each inverter, easy to distribute the panels
  • Good price