Gel batteries


Gel batteries are batteries that use a gel-like electrolyte. The gel-like electrolyte is obtained by mixing sulphuric acid with silica to allow it to stiffen and become more viscous than liquid. Gel batteries are adequately designed to solve some problems you would encounter while using the popular wet lead-acid batteries. Although gel batteries share a lot of similarities with lead-acid batteries in terms of design and working principles, they differ in their components. While a lead acid battery uses a liquid electrolyte solution, a gel battery uses a more viscous electrolyte. The electrolyte consists of sulphuric acid mixed with silica as its hardener. Because silica gives the solution a gel-like feel, solar gel batteries do not emit as many fumes as traditional batteries.

Multiple capacity

LAGE12100 12V 100Ah 1.2kwh LAGE12200 12V 200Ah 2.4kwh LAGE12250 12V 250Ah 3kwh