OPzV Battery Specification

BONJOUR SOLAR Tubular Gel OPzV Battery Series is developed tubular positive plates with fumed gelled electrolyte. Performances meet or exceed the standards specified in DIN 40742, With long design life and high deep cycling capabilities. This battery is recommended for telecom outdoor applications, renewable energy systems and EXTREME environment applications.

※ Completely sealing throughout the batteries life.
※ Service life up to 18-20 years in continuous float operation down to approx.80% capacity.
※ Gel electrolyte.
※ Low gassing thanks to antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination.
※ Minimum space required and room requirements are minimal e.g. no washing facilities needed,
ventilation requirements are minimal.
※ Easy to move and handle.
※ Easy install using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers.
※ Ready for immediate use without further commissioning work.
※ Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request ,for a horizontal installation.
※ Very low self-discharge <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20℃ ambient temperature.
※ Deep discharge protected, a load can be connected to the battery for up to 4 weeks.
※ No internal short circuits possible due to the gel structure.
※ No acid stratification, so no equalizing charge necessary.
TelecommunicationsUPS&EPS systemsSolar power / wind power systems
GB/T 22473-2008IEC60896-21/22: 2004IEC61427-2005DIN43539-T5:1984DIN40742:1999BS EN 61427-2002YD/T1360-2005