Hydropower or solar power, that is the question

The construction of the Hoover Dam has a huge impact on the area, providing sufficient water and electricity. If there was no Hoover Dam, there wouldn’t be a brilliantly lit Las Vegas. However, all things have advantages and disadvantages, and dams also have many negative effects on the ecological environment: flooding of cropland and mineral resources, flooding of forests, grasslands and wildlife habitats. Blockage of rivers affects navigation and fish migration. Affect terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, damage biodiversity, etc. There are a lot of wild fish in the originally turbid Colorado River. Due to the construction of the dam, the water in the river became clear and transparent, which caused the water temperature to drop significantly, making it difficult for wild fish to survive. In addition, the storage of the Hoover Dam reservoir consumed the total flow of the Colorado River for two years, which had a devastating impact on the ecology downstream. With the completion of the California Floodway, the lower Colorado River gradually stopped flowing and the Mexican Estuary Delta turned into a desert, which is not terrible.