Why does the lights have water droplets?

When we use LED lights, we will find that when the lights are turned on for a period of time, small water droplets will form in the LED lights, which will affect the brightness of the light.

So why?

When LED lights illuminated, the heat from the light source causes the liquid to evaporate and then condense on the inside of the cooler glass.

To solve this problem, we need to adjust the temperature difference between the light source and the outside world.

That’s why BONJOUR SOLAR solar flood light SXFL3220 400W use innovative technology:LED respirator

To better relieve the lamp air pressure and internal fog to ensure the brightness and life of the whole lamp, this technology is especially suitable for solar lights which are intergated more circuits and lithium batteries.

Every new technology is born to provide products with stronger competitiveness.

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